proudly supplying hone cooks to professional chefs

MarketForce’s Job:

MarketForce is one of the leading Manufacturer’s Representative agencies in the Ohio Valley and Central US market. For over thirty-five years, we have been connecting kitchen, gourmet, hardware and similar retailers with many of the finest lines in the country. Unlike many parts of the United States, where gourmet stores, gourmet cooking and gourmet products thrive, our part of the country usually lags behind in the gourmet arena. MarketForce has been successful in bringing new and innovative products to our customers while continuing to offer the traditional products our customers have carried for over three decades.

MarketForce is:

Who retailers call to get answers they can trust, products they can sell, and the knowledge they want to learn. We have known our customers for a long time and we try to call on each and every account we cover. While other reps spend most of their time tending to their bigger accounts, we actually enjoy road trips to see our customers and friends in every corner of our territory .